Tax Services

For business owners, every decision you make can have an impact on your tax situation.  Whether you want to expand to a new location, drop a product line, or just make a large equipment purchase, you need to know how your choice affects your future and your bottom line.  Avizo Group works with you throughout the year to help you make decisions, reach your goals, and make more money.  Our team believes the best ways to help you reach your goals is to provide year-round services to through engaging business owners in consulting and client accounting services as well as annual tax filings.

Tax Services

  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Multistate taxation
  • State and local taxation
  • International taxation
  • Business tax incentive research and advice 
  • Mergers, acquisitions and other growth 
  • Accounting methods
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax notice assistance
  • Federal and state planning and compliance
  • Estate and gift tax planning and compliance
  • Education planning (paying for school tuition)
  • Tax notice assistance

Tax Filing & Planning

We have expertise in preparing Federal, state, local, and international tax returns for businesses and individuals. Tax planning services provide more options to reduce liability and manage your tax obligations.

Tax Credits & Incentives

Tax laws change regularly. To take advantage of available credits & incentives, set up quarterly meetings so we can keep your information up-to-date and find more areas to apply these tax savings.

Entity Selection

Your business entity type determines which income tax return you must file. We can help you choose/change this selection to reduce exposure to liabilities, save taxes and gain more access to financing.

Estate & Gift Planning

Leaving a lasting financial legacy (for children, a spouse, charities, etc.) requires proactive tax planning and thoughtful selections of gifts, estates and trusts. We can help with your short and long-term personal financial goals.

Major Life Event

Getting married or divorced, having children, paying for tuition, buying/selling property, or even gaining an inheritance can affect your tax situation. Our advisors are here to provide advice to help ensure you are financially prepared for these changes.

Tax Notices

When our clients receive a letter from the IRS or state tax agency, we will work on your behalf to correspond with the agency and resolve the issue.




Want to be a Client?

An explanation of tax compliance and strategy


Yes! But, before accepting any new clients, we like to have a conversation to make sure our services fit your needs.  Give us a call at 251-928-2443 and ask to speak to Diane Anderson.

If you're looking for only individual tax return preparation, we can price this after your initial consultation with Diane Anderson. We will need a copy of your prior year returns.  Our base price is generally $700.

For business owners, we offer packages with bookkeeping, software, tax, and consulting options. Because your package will be based on your business and personal financial goals, we can't estimate a cost prior to meeting with you.

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