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LSS Consulting

Lean Six Sigma can help your business create more efficiency and increase the quality of your service or process. Based on the principle of continuous improvement, implementing LSS throughout your organization will result in getting more done, in less time, with less errors.

Earl Blackmon is an accomplished Lean Six Sigma CPA Greenbelt and has held trainings and process reviews across the nation.

Avizo Lean Six Sigma Services

Lean Six Sigma Training

Need help understanding Lean concepts?  We offer training to teach your team the concepts of Lean Six Sigma. Our training is customizable to your industry and group size. The discussion includes interactive activities and a personalized workbook to keep the training engaging and enjoyable.

Your session can likely be approved for professional training hours.

Lean Six Sigma presentation
Team Learning of Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Process Review

Whether you already have a process in mind, or if you need help in identifying WHICH process to start with, Earl can assist.  He is an expert in back-office business processes and has experience in leading a Lean Six Sigma session in various industries.

Once the process is chosen, you can expect to identify and eliminate wasteful activities, which often creates more efficiency and revenue.  Because Lean is based on Continuous Improvement, quarterly check-ins will be scheduled, and annual reviews are highly encouraged.
Earl Blackmon leading LSS

Earl Blackmon, LSS CPA

Earl Blackmon is a founding shareholder of Avizo Group.  Recognizing the value process improvement could bring to our own firm, he earned his Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma in 2012.  He now works with large and small companies nationwide in identifying areas where Lean can be used to improve success and continuously improve.

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