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Kolbe is an assessment that helps determine the way individuals use their natural abilities to solve problems.  There are three levels of how Kolbe can help your business:  create a better understanding of individual talent, develop a better team, and assist in hiring.


Individual Talent

In any organization, your people are your most important asset.  Kolbe Index A consulting helps each individual understand their strengths by becoming aware of their natural way of solving a problem.  

Successful teams work when everyone is free to be themselves. Once each individual understands and embraces their natural qualities, you can build a stronger team by identifying how people can help each other. 

Creating a Better Team

After individual interpretations, your Kolbe consultant will dive into an analysis of your group. 

Learn to embrace differences in doing things as positives to creating a well-rounded team. Apply Kolbe consulting to a small group within your organization to increase communication, efficiency, and stronger problem-solving.  Or, apply Kolbe to your entire business to gain those assets while creating a culture of shared understanding.

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Assisting in Hiring

Bringing the wrong person into your team is financially and mentally draining for your company. Kolbe can help you identify the natural strengths an applicant needs in order to thrive both in the position you’re hiring for and as a fit within your organization.

If you have a role with a lot of turnover, consider setting up a conversation with a consultant to learn more about the Kolbe A and Kolbe B index.

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