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Non-profit organizations have complex rules and strict tax laws. With the right guides to explain these accounting practices, you can ensure compliance and transparency with your organization’s financials. Our firm works very closely with leaders of large non-profit organizations to help them feel comfortable with the process, the requirements, and the actual finalized reports.

We pride ourselves on having a high level of knowledge and expertise in our ability to complete and explain tax compliance, audit & assurance services, bookkeeping, CFO services, and strategic planning.

We have 30+ years of Non-Profit CPA Experience:

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Non-profit accounting experience with non-profit organizations of varying sizes
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Non-profit Reporting Requirements
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Operating Procedures
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Regulations and accounting guidance governing the use of restricted contributions
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Non-profit specific
payroll matters

Avizo's Non-Profit CPA Services

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Outsourced CFO
We can help resolve challenges such as cash flow issues, raising capital, solving tight margins, implementing more efficient systems, or preparing for growth.
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Participate as Part of Executive Team

By serving as your organization's "treasurer", we are available to prepare financial statements and attend board meetings to provide updates through the year.
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FDIC Investment Placement

We are available to shop bank rates for FDIC insured products. We will obtain rates from various local banks, present the options to you, and coordinate documentation. All you will have to do is select the option you want and sign the paperwork.
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Form 990 as Required by the IRS

Our tax team includes people who specialize in 990 filings. We'll ensure you maintain your not-for-profit status by getting the compliance pieces taken care of in a timely manner.
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Maintenance of Records with Multiple Locations or Departments

Our CAS team has worked with a variety of nonprofit and accounting software. We can recommend options within our tech stack that can assist with ensure you have proper record maintenance.
CAS Services
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Our assurance team has team members who specialize in not-for-profit auditing procedures.
Assurance Services
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Our review services offers limited assurance than an audit, and is comprised primarily of inquiries and analytics.
Assurance Services
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This does not offer an opinion or assurance like an audit, but instead is a service that compiles your information into a set of financial statements.
Assurance Services
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Agreed Upon Procedures

You as the client will determine the specific subject matter for our team to examine. We will report factual findings only.
Assurance Services
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Audit Workpaper Preparation

If we are not performing your audit, we can act as your outsourced CFO to provide a checklist and secure link for you to upload documents (or have them physically prepared) so that when the audit is performed, everything will be ready.
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Consultation on Budget Preparation

Setting and maintaining a budget is vital to any growing not-for-profit organization and we can guide you through this important process.
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Internal Controls Evaluations

Our team can evaluate your processes & procedures to help you identify ways to mitigate risk without necessarily having to hire more people.
Assurance Services

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