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The tracking and reporting requirements for the construction industry are complex – rules vary by state (and sometimes even by county) and by different levels and types of workers. Plus, contractors have to manage the day-to-day challenges of tracking things like costs, supplies, WIP reports, risk management (we could go on and on). From finding the best ways to track daily bookkeeping to completing your annual license renewal, our team has worked with a range of contractors to provide guidance in maintaining best practices that keep their businesses healthy & growing.


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Construction CPA Services We Provide:

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Outsourced CFO

We can assist with overseeing the budget and financial strategies, establish policies and procedures for internal control, review financial statement, and oversee tax planning strategies.
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Job Costing

We can implement an automated job costing process. Having a better understanding of your expenses and allocation of resources will give you a competitive advantage when bidding on contracts and knowing which projects are most profitable.
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Corporate & Multi-State Tax
Filing & Planning

Our tax team is well-versed in contractor-based filings. We will design a tax strategy to help you minimize tax and take advantage of credits, all while remaining compliant.
Tax Services
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Tax Credit
Research & Development

We'll take the time to help you understand tax credits and incentives, as well as how to correctly identify & properly document the support for the credit. These incentives can provide significant cash flow to your business.
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Multi-State Contractor’s License and Other Regulatory Agency Applications

We will track and file renewing forms for you.
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Internal control analysis

Internal controls are defined as processes designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of certain objectives (such as safeguarding Accounts Receivable & Payable). We can help you design & maintain them.
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Outsourced Accounting

We have many cloud-based options to ensure your day-to-day accounting is well-kept.
CAS Services
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Outsourced Controller

As your outsourced controller, we can assist with preparing financial reports, overseeing tax reporting and compliance, and handle more day-to-day duties than a CFO.
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Financial Statement Audit, Review, & Compilation

Our team can perform the required assurance services for your company.
Assurance Services
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Payroll Services

Using technology and our expertise, payroll goes from being a constant hassle to being a nealy seamless process for you and your employees.
CAS Services
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Overhead cost rate audits in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Technically known as a "indirect cost rate," this is the percentage of general expenses consultants can bill to contracting government agencies. It is the ratio of allowable indirect costs to total allocable direct labor costs.
Indirect Costs
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Investment tax credit (ITC) analysis and support

Regarding the construction of energy property, we can help you establish the beginning of construction, continuity requirements, rules for transfer, & apply additional rules for the requirement of §48.
§ 48 IRS Publication


Seacon Engineering
We have been very pleased with our experience with Avizo. The initial conversion from our previous payroll was a little bumpy, but your team worked closely with us and now it is working extremely well, from our standpoint, almost automatically.
Crocker Construction
Thank you so much for all your hard work on our PPP Program for Crocker Construction. I really appreciate it and the communication you gave me.
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