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Our employee benefit plan professionals are here to relieve the challenges EBPs present to employers. Our services includes administration guidance, assurance services, ERISA and IRS compliance, and reporting requirements and regulations. Our EBP team completes annual training to maintain knowledge on subjects that are important to the Department of Labor, IRS, and the American Institute of CPAs.  Work with us to feel confident in your plan selection and compliance.



Health & Welfare


Defined Benefit

EBP Administration Services

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Assistance with Filing 5550 and

We can make sure all your filings are complete and any retroactive changes are properly corrected.
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Plan Determination

Our team has the experience & knowledge to help you determine the best type of plan for your circumstances.
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Ideas to improve the administration of your plan

We've seen a lot of different plans as well as what has and hasn't worked for different size organizations, and we can offer that guidance to you.
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Updates on changes that may impact your plan

We will continually be updating items on this page for the public to access, but for in-depth IRS & DOL information, our clients get updates via one-on-one communication and email updates.
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Assistance with DOL & IRS
inquiries, notices & examinations

Getting a "notice" from the IRS or DOL is scary. Our team has the knowledge to know how to respond in a way that can get you closer to the resolution you desire.
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Consultation on
DOL regulations

We're make it our business to know the rules, so you can always ask us for clarification on matters that might affect your organization.
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Calculation of Plan Compensation & Participant Deferrals

These calculations can be complex and involve many different factors. Our team has the expertise and attention to detail to get it right.
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Data analysis & extraction
to assist with compliance

We can help you gather the data you will need and compile the information and reports for your EBP.

EBP Audit Services

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Full Scope Audits

Our team can perform the required audit for your EBP.
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Limited Scope Audits

Based on certain factors affecting your plan, you may have been advised to have a limited scope audit performed. We can help guide you through that process and perform the audit for you and your plan.
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Financial Statement

As a non-audit service, we can help you prepare your financial statements and ensure they are presented in compliance with DOL's standards and ready for audit.
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Consultation on Upcoming Accounting Standards

Clients can schedule a meeting with us to get an explanation on how any new standards will affect your plan.
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Audit Readiness

In preparation for your audit, we can provide a checklist and secure link where you to upload documents so that when the audit process is ready to begin, everything will be ready.

Employee Benefit Plan Resources

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