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Our focus is never as narrow as filing a return, running payroll, or issuing a financial statement. We focus on your organization as a whole. That means taking the time to work with you, find the areas that worry you most, and create a plan together to reach your goals and alleviate your stressors.

By focusing on consulting services, we know we will make a positive impact on your businesses, which impacts our communities and you personally.  Speaking of you personally – every business owner knows their personal life often gets wrapped into their business life.  We’re here to create a plan to help you in that area too!  All the services listed below are designed to create solutions for problems in your business that take you away from the things you love most in and out of your business.

Our Consulting Services

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a structured meeting lea by our seasoned professionals who can help you and your team work though difficult conversations to put a plan in motion that will help you reach your goals faster.
Strategic Planning
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Process Improvement: Lean Six Sigma

Streamlining processes with Lean Six Sigma creates efficiency by improving your teamwork and delegation as well as quality by finding areas within your process that can be improved.
Lean Six Sigma
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Team Building:
Kolbe Assessments

The most important part of any organization is your PEOPLE. Kolbe Assessments help organizations identify and learn how to applying natural talents to create a more productive (and happier!) team.
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Business Valuations

Learning the current worth of your business is vital to growth. Knowing where you are allows you to make the changes to get to where you want to be.
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Buy or Sell a Business

Ready to grow? Or ready to move on? We're here to not only walk you through the financial impact of this choice, but also help you examine how the choices fit into your long-term strategy.
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Succession Planning

You need to answer when, how, and who questions pertaining to succession planning well in advance of your decision to retire or sell. We're here to walk you through the many questions and steps you'll need to take.
Succession Planning Guide
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Retirement Planning

We'll help you create a plan based on when you want to retire, what kind of lifestyle you want, and what kind of legacy you want to leave.
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Estate Planning

Plan for your family's future.
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Wealth Management

Looking at your financial objectives from an overall picture that includes tax strategy side-by-side with growth is a no-brainer.
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The process of learning about our services is never about sales – that means we won’t spam you or send needless updates. Our goal is to learn about your needs and wants and then work together to determine if our consulting services are the right fit for you and your organization.

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