How to Measure Success

A chalkboard with a jagged arrow drawn that is pointing up. Two hands hold a blue measuring tape to see how long it is

If you constantly measure your…status, wealth, influence, etc., to determine your level of success, you may have failed.

You may look at things you have achieved (wealth, power, status, contributions) and believe you have achieved success. The question is why are you trying to measure your own success?

Some things are measured in the moment and success is one of them. What have you done for me lately and success go hand-in-hand. Stop trying to measure your success. Allow others to do so, if they choose. Never accept you are successful. Instead, keep working to: be even better, be more positively influential, be more serving, be more loving, be an even better mentor, be an even better spouse, be an even better parent, and be an even better leader in your organization while caring for its well-being.

Maintain an intense determination for balance. This does not mean you should not have personal ideals of successful actions that influence how you grow. Do not allow yourself to be so focused on achieving objective measures of success that you forget to celebrate the progress you have made and the new opportunities for growth you have in front of you.

Dennis Sherrin, CEO & Strategic Consultant

Dennis is passionate about continual learning and subscribes to the ideology that “life is your leadership class”. To that end, he relies on the observations of the client organizations he has worked with to influence his ideology on vision, leadership, business and life-work balance.

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