Workplace Adaptation

Working From Home

We’ve all heard it said that change is the only constant in life, and the past few months have certainly lived up to that claim. Almost every facet of day-to-day life has been affected by either Coronavirus or the subsequent shutdown. Some of us have been able to continue our normal work schedules without any major disruptions; but even for those lucky few, the approach to tackling everyday tasks has shifted.

From an increased reliance on technology to the absence of almost all face-to-face client interaction, it’s important for all of us to adapt in order to maintain the same level of excellence our clients have come to expect.

Productivity Tips

Whether we’re working from home on dining-room tables surrounded by screaming toddlers or back in the office with empty desks all around, here are a few go-to tips to staying productive during these uncertain times:

  • Keep a routine – even without a commute to worry about, a consistent schedule can help bring some stability to a new work environment.
  • Take a walk – every few hours, a quick break with some light exercise can really help stimulate your brain and reset your focus.
  • Make contact – reach out to a coworker at least once a day, even if it’s not necessary, to reinforce those important connections.
  • Treat yourself – these are stressful times, so keep a few snacks or a post-work drink around as a reward for making it through the day!

Fortunately, Avizo Group has been no stranger to change in the past (take our recent rebranding, for example). The driving force behind the need for this new change is certainly intimidating, but our core principles of continuous learning and improvement have set us up for success to navigate the tricky economic landscape we currently find ourselves in. For more tips on thriving in this time of change, check out our blogs, Where Do We Go From Here? and Surviving the Pandemic: Innovate & Embrace.

Headshot of Treya, CPA

Treya Tindal, Senior Analyst

Treya works primarily in our audit department with expertise in audit, review, and compilation processes. A working mother of two, she is an advocate of about life-work balance as the leader of our P40 Committee.

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