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As advisors and guides, our commitment to business owners includes doing the research and testing tools of the trade before making a recommendation.  One of the areas our Client Accounting Services has placed a great emphasis on in recent years is cloud accounting. We recently published an article about the benefits of using Xero, which provides a dashboard for you to easily track your number and see current information.  A dashboard is the foundation and the next building block is a software for payroll- which is where we recommend Gusto.

Benefits for the Administrator

Because each employee has a portal, they can view paystubs, PTO, and update information online, which saves a ton of time for administrators.

Employee I-9s and W-2s and contractor 1099s are signed and stored online.

Gusto calculates, pays, and files payroll taxes with the right agencies every time you run a payroll (included as part of the payroll services).

Gusto offers features like health insurance, 401(k), workers comp, time tracking, PTO, and Gusto Cashout. But if you use something else, they also work will with software like Xero, QuickBooks and TSheets.

In addition to all the signatures and documents being digital, paychecks can be direct deposited or employees can get a Gusto debit card so you don’t have to print paychecks.

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Benefits for the Employee

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A new employee submits their information online and contact info, bank routing numbers, and W-4s are easy to update online if anything changes. 

Employees’ paychecks go straight into their bank accounts – and it’s easy to update if they change banks!

Every time an employee is paid, it’s easy to access pay stubs through email, Gusto account, or the Gusto Wallet app.

The portal belonging to the employee allows lifetime access to pay stubs and W-2s and contact information, even if they change jobs.

Employees can make charitable contributions (or savings contributions) directly from their paychecks, with automatic deductions.

It’s easy for employees to see time-off policies and track their balances through the year.

Gusto & Avizo

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Because Avizo has been using and recommending Gusto for many years, we recently expanded into the “Gold Partner” level, which comes with benefits for our clients who want to start streamlining their payroll processes.  Reaching this level means that we have developed expertise in using the software, so if you outsource to us, the badge shows we can get your job done.  If you want to use Gusto through our platform, but you have someone in-house who would just need a training session, as they perform the day-to-day functions of the software, they’ll receive advanced customer service through Gusto when a question arises.

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Crissy Bonifay

Crissy is Avizo’s payroll extraordinaire. Having been with the firm for 25 years, she’s developed many talents, and we rely on her to be our go-to guide for payroll deadlines, processes, and software.

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