3 Benefits of Converting to Xero Online Accounting

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We are living a world where technology and culture have created an lifestyle based on instant access. Packages are delivered within days or hours of being ordered, social media and digital news outlets allows for real-time updates from family and strangers alike, and a quick Google search can answer questions.  As a small business owner, you should expect no less when it comes to your accounting. Software programs such as Xero (Avizo’s preferred platform) have made instant access a whole lot less complicated. If you’re having some doubt on why you should convert from desktop (or physical papers) to online here are a few benefits.

XERO Online Accounting Benefits

Xero Security

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MFA & Encryption

Access Security

Xero has layers of protection between your account and anyone trying to access it.
Xero Security
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Server Protection

Server Protection

Xero hosts your company’s data on high-grade servers in protected environments instead of your local network or drives.
Xero Security
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Cloud Security Certificates

Cloud Security

Xero has achieved certifications in the Security measures from several organizations, including the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants.
Xero Cloud Security

Add-Ons with Xero

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Add-On Software


There are over 1,000 third party-apps that connect with Xero, so all your various software can be linked together in one place.
Xero Add-Ons
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Gusto Payroll

Easy Payroll Integration

Gusto payroll plays nice with Xero:
Use Gusto payroll to calculate pay and deductions, pay employees, simplify compliance, and update the Xero accounts.
Learn More About Gusto
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Reduced Manual Entry

Fast Accounting

By using Xero and the add-ons available, you'll find your accounting is getting done much faster. For instance, the software automatically categorizes bank and credit card transactions from your bank feeds.

Convenience of Online Accounting

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Unlimited Users


Xero allows unlimited users at no extra charge, so you can assign various team members to work on various areas, as well as allowing Avizo to log-in and work on your accounting virtually.
Xero vs. QBO
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Work Anywhere

24/7 Access

You'll have your data at your fingertips wherever you go, eliminating the need for you to cut-short your holiday or rush to the office computer when needed.

It also works with any PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.
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Customer Service

Customer Service

One of our very favorite features is the 24/7 FANTASTIC customer servicer Xero provides. It is free with your account and unlimited, so you can ask as many questions as you need to without any extra charges.
Customer Service
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Less Expensive

When using Avizo as your wholesale vendor, the cost is about 1/2 of what you'd be charged for other online dashboards.
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It Really Is Beautiful

Xero's tagline is "Beautiful Accounting Software" and as silly as it may seem, and that's not just how it looks, it works beautifully as well.

Switch to or Start with Xero Online Accounting Today

You can see from the many benefits that moving forward with converting to Xero provides value beyond just financial benefit.  You have freedom from one location, real-time data instead of historical, advanced security, paperless accounting, and the comfort of having your accounting firm’s expertise at your fingertips to consult and work within your online Xero data. Click the button below to send us an email to get virtual walk-through of Xero or to learn more about the conversion process.

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Kim Pendley

Kim is a valued member of our CAS and tax teams.  If you’re a business owner and your books are a mess – Kim can fix it. She has 25+ years of experience in nonprofit & governmental accounting and financial reporting as well as individual taxation (specifically LLCs or rental property).

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