Advice For College Students Struggling To Pick A Major


College is a fun and exciting time for students, but it can also bring a lot of anxiety about the future – especially when trying to decide on a major. If you are a college student and have an interest in business, you should consider majoring in accounting.

Accounting Classes in College

When a student starts on their career path, they often overlook accounting as an option.  Some consider it to be either too difficult or boring, but a degree in accounting may be more interesting than you realize. As a freshman in college, I decided to change my major to accounting after taking Accounting 101. Rather than being too difficult, I enjoyed how straightforward the courses were.  And while it isn’t as “creative” as some majors, I found it to be more beneficial to my learning style that each problem had definite right and wrong answers.

I started college wanting to pursue either a degree in athletic training or business entrepreneurship. After deciding athletic training was not for me, I focused on business. What I discovered was that a degree in accounting would benefit me well in my future. If I decided to become an entrepreneur, this knowledge gives me more options in my career path.

In addition to finding the classes were interesting, I am so glad I made this decision because it has led me to a great career and a future that is wide open for advancement. Even if you aren’t currently interested in business, an accounting class can help you in any profession. It teaches you how to think about money, which is knowledge every employer values.

Misconceptions About Accounting Jobs

When imagining the career of an accountant, many people picture working long hours for the IRS, but there are so many more options! You can work in individual and corporate tax, bookkeeping, auditing, consulting, governmental accounting, financial analysis and so much more. I work in public accounting, doing auditing and tax and my firm believes in putting its employees first. I only work 30-40 hours a week – even during the “busy” season!

Even if public accounting is not for you, a major in accounting can serve you well. Regardless of the specific field, most businesses look highly on potential hires with a background in accounting. This is true because an understanding of accounting gives employees a greater knowledge of the underlying aspects of a business. This gives you, as an employee, an even greater advantage.

So, when you ponder your future from your dorm room or while taking online classes, give accounting another chance. It may just be the key to your dream job!

College students – check out the Join Us page on our website, or click here to learn more about internship opportunities at Avizo.  You can schedule an office visit or shadow for a day to see if accounting is a good fit for you.

Treya Tindal, CPA - Senior Analyst

A Senior Accountant who has been with our firm for three years, Treya primarily works in audit but knows her way around a tax return too! She also leads our Project 40 Committee, which preserves our work-life balance initiatives.
Email Treya with any questions.

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