hb&k’s Transformation to Avizo Group

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In case you haven’t heard, Hartmann Blackmon & Kilgore (hb&k) rebranded to Avizo Group, Inc., on January 1, 2020.  This represents the third rebrand of our firm, although the first two were simply changes to our logo.  All our rebrands have been well received, but this time it was both a change of name and perception.

The rebrand to Avizo Group represented a signaling of a redirection of the focus of our accounting and tax firm to a firm focused on advice.  That focus is delivered through consulting, strategy, and accounting services.  Yes, we are still a firm providing valuable tax advice and compliance services in tax, financial reporting, and payroll. Those services will be delivered in association with a focus on helping organizations and individuals achieve their vision for success through conversation and listening.

Change Happens Every Day

As the decades change, the digital revolution is radically transforming business as well as our personal lives.  I cannot imagine life without my smart phone.  I bought my first iPhone in late 2010.  Little did I realize how that phone would change my daily routine.  Fast forward to 2020 and I use my phone to communicate through text, email, and occasionally, by voice.  In addition, I check on my investments, take incredible photos, pay my bills, make bank deposits, have my clothes curated and delivered to my door, buy groceries, and order nearly everything else I need with a computing device more powerful than the computer NASA used to put men on the moon. This story is a reflection of how technology advances have influenced our lives and the lives of our organizations. 

Today’s organizations must adapt and function in a world of innovation. Noted futurist Pascal Finette often says “tomorrow (literally) will be different than today”. With that thought in mind, our mission at Avizo Group is to help clients prepare for, and adapt to, the exponential changes occurring everywhere.  To do that most effectively, we strongly felt a new name for our business was necessary. That name had to reflect our overarching objective of providing services to our clients for tomorrow by providing the advice to help with where they are going rather than just where they have been.

Our Change is Focused on You

We are working to expand your appreciation for what the CPAs and team members of Avizo offer to you and your organizations.  We are eliminating billing by the hour and utilizing value pricing agreements. This gives you the power to manage the services you need and agree to the fee you will pay before work is performed.  In addition, you enjoy knowing we are not watching the clock to bill you, instead opting to take the time to have even better conversations and listen to your needs, wants, expectations, and aspirations.  Then we can customize what we provide and how we serve. 

And, what can we do you ask?  The depth of capability of our team goes far beyond preparing tax returns, financial reporting, payroll, and bookkeeping.  Yes, we will provide those services in association with services designed to serve you and your organization for a lifetime.  Some of those offerings are:

  • Strategic Planning to help your business set and reach goals
  • Process improvement with Lean Six Sigma
  • Team building applying the Kolbe Assessment
  • Succession, business, and retirement planning
  • Wealth Management services to help you with investing your money
  • Major Life Event planning to help you prepare your family for financial security

The team at Avizo Group has served thousands of individuals and organizations for the past 30 years.  Our leaders have worked very hard to focus our team on transforming to a model preparing us for the next 30 years and beyond.  The key to this transformation is spending more time with clients listening so we better serve your vision of success.  Our vision is to serve our clients by focusing more on consulting, strategy and accounting to help you be even better prepared for what lies ahead regardless of your stage in life.

Dennis Sherrin, CEO & Strategic Consultant

Dennis is passionate about continual learning and subscribes to the ideology that “life is your leadership class”. To that end, he relies on the observations of the client organizations he has worked with to influence his ideology on vision, leadership, business and life-work balance.

Work With Us

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