3 Myths Regarding Outsourcing Your Accounting

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Having accurate numbers for your business is vital to growth.  How can you know which product is selling the best if you haven’t completed an inventory in months?  How can you properly manage your cash flows if you haven’t had time to reconcile your accounts?  And yet, many business owners simply don’t have the time to keep up with the constant demand of monthly bookkeeping duties.

If you’re a business owner feeling the pressure of trying to manage your clients, your employees, your inventory and your accounting (not to mention your personal life!) it’s time to consider outsourcing your accounting.

To help you decide if this is the right decision for you, consider these real-life scenarios of things people said to us and how we helped them.

 “As a business owner, I need to be in control of every aspect of my business”

Yes.  You absolutely need to the numbers on your general ledger and monthly balance sheet. You need to know where your company is profitable and where it can grow. But, how often are you able to take the time to accurately track and determine these numbers?

You are responsible for every aspect of your business, but that doesn’t mean you need to be punching the numbers yourself.  Allowing an expert to take care of your accounting doesn’t mean you won’t see the numbers or be involved.  It means you can devote your time to your
core business needs while the tedious aspects are taken care of for you.

“It’s expensive to outsource, I’ll just hire an employee”

Nearly any outsourced service is less expensive than hiring an employee.  Hiring an in-house accountant means you will pay for training and software as well as salary and benefits.  Untold sums can go into training and at any point this employee could leave your company.  Additionally, does your accounting work take 40 hours every week? If it doesn’t, you’ll be paying an employee to do some accounting and some busy work. 

Outsourcing not only costs less, it also comes with CPAs and bookkeepers who have years of expertise, certifications, and experience. Your questions can be answered faster, your numbers will be accurate, and your services will be consistently delivered.

“I only need an accountant to ensure correct tax filings”

If you have a pile of receipts and paperwork piling up waiting for filing time, you are missing out on vital information.  Bills and payroll will be late, invoices will not be sent timely, and expenses won’t be tracked accurately. Doing accounting once a year makes it impossible to get a grasp on maintaining and growing your business.

Aside from making sure you have clean records, Avizo Group can do more than just plug your numbers in. As your advisor, we can provide up-to-date data and offer recommendations for saving money through the year.

Avizo Outsourced Client Accounting

As a business owner, you need your bookkeeping to have consistency and accuracy, and by outsourcing with Avizo, you will get so much more. We offer cloud-based services that will make running your business much easier. If you would like to hear more about how we can help you manage your business and save you time and money, give us a call today or email me.

Erann Thompson, Director of Advisory Services

As the leader of our Client Advisory Services team, Erann works side by side with business owners to create the right combination of accounting cloud applications to develop efficiencies, and profitability for your business.

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