Drafting Your Financial Quarterback: Let Us Lead Your Team to Success

Why we should be your financial quarterback

The National Football League draft is here and much of the talk leading up to this draft has been around who should be selected at  Quarterback. As we have seen in the NFL, the decision of who to make your quarterback has been of significance to teams in the past and that will continue. It’s the same in life. The entrepreneurs and investors we meet are busy people. They come up against more decisions than they may have time to research. Making the wrong decision or not properly carrying out the right decision can have severe consequences. A financial quarterback can see that the proper decisions are made and help carry out those decisions to arrive at the goal.

As CPA advisors unfortunately we’ve sometimes seen the right decision not properly executed and carried to the proper goal. We’ve learned that it may not be enough to do the research and provide proper advice which is handed over to others.  We need to be the quarterback.

At Avizo Group we believe that the relationship with your CPA advisor is one of the most important relationships in your life. The right relationship with your CPA can make a tremendous difference. At Avizo Group we believe your CPA should be the quarterback of your financial life providing advice and “game” planning with you on a variety of financial decisions you may face. Not only that, they should work with you to help execute your game plan to your goal.

Why We Should Be Your Financial Quarterback

The Busyness of Life

You’re busy and time is precious. We understand that the clock is ticking. We have the knowledge and expertise you need. We also have the resources to execute your game plan.

The Complexity of Game Plans

Like in the NFL, not all financial game plans are the same. As your strategic consultants, we can help you create and implement a game plan that focuses on achieving your financial goals.

The Details Matter

Getting the details right is extremely important for preparing income tax returns and financial statements. Of course, this is what we do. The details matter when it comes to the game plans for investment, retirement, and estate planning.

We are a Trusted Advisor

We are not just number crunchers. Our clients trust us and share information with us because they know from their experience that we are acting in their best interest.

Do you have the time, the expertise and the focus to make the best decisions in each area of your financial game plan? Can you then see that all of the appropriate documents are properly executed and accounts set up as you work with various professional advisors? 

You need one resource to bring all this together. You need one advisor who knows the whole picture – a quarterback who can work with your attorneys, bankers, insurance and investment professionals – one who can assist you in your decision-making and carry out the execution of your game plan.

The Draft is Here

If you don’t have a relationship like this, we should talk. Please call or reach out to “draft us” and let’s get started on your financial game plan.

Earl Blackmon, CPA, CGMA

Financial Consultant, Earl brings a wealth of experience to his role, having excelled as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt consultant, a Wealth Management Advisor, and with 35+ years of expertise as an accounting consultant. His specialization lies in servicing the healthcare, retail, and real estate.

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