We build solutions for clients by offering customizable consulting services to help you develop strategy, uncover new opportunities, and anticipate changes.


Build Your Customized Solutions

Our Vision

Why Did You Change Your Name?

Avizo Group, Inc. is formerly Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore, P.C. (hb&k). Our firm has been part of the Gulf Coast for 29 years and we’re proud of our solid reputation as being reliable experts with innovative solutions.

Changing our name is not about changing who we are. It’s about expanding our services beyond tax filing to provide business consulting services focused on helping business owners succeed.

Instead of just calculating how much you owe in taxes, we want to help you streamline your processes, set and reach bigger goals, and take advantage of the competitive market in a time of growth.  


The Avizo Group Executive Team: (From Left to Right) Earl Blackmon,
LeeAnn May, Allen Cave, Rachel Young, and Dennis Sherrin

How Was The New Name Chosen?

Avizo Group was born through an intensive 12-month process where we met with industry professionals, surveyed our employees, hired a marketing firm, and completed exercises designed to capture the essence of who we are and what we want to provide to our clients.

We landed on Avizo, which is based on the nautical term “aviso” for a dispatch boat, also known as an “advice boat”. We invest time to get to know our clients and subsequently develop a customized strategy to help you succeed. We’re here to be your advisors and feel Avizo captures that purpose.

By focusing on consulting services, we feel we will make a positive impact in your businesses, which impacts our communities and you personally.

Awards & Affiliations

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