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Who is Avizo Group?

We are experts in accounting, with a passion for providing advice and business consulting services.  Formerly known as hb&k, Avizo Group is still the same firm with the same people who have served the Gulf Coast since 1990.  Our name is new, but our professionalism, core values, and relationships remain the same. 

CPA in Mobile AL

Our Core Values

We Are Accountable

As a team, we are accountable to each other and to our clients.

Every team member is empowered to do their part by taking ownership of client work and firm initiatives.  We believe growth and excellence is developed from a willingness to take on responsibility.  Our team members actively manage their goals to help both clients and the firm achieve success.

We Prioritize Relationships

People come first.  It's really that simple. 

Part of our internal training includes how to provide “5 star service” not only to our clients, but to each other as well. 

We Encourage Personal Development

We support our employees’ pursuit of new certifications and developing niche expertise.

Continuing education includes internal seminars, a P40 Leadership Academy, and  department-specific learning sessions. Going beyond that, we use Kolbe and Unique Abilities to help our team members better understand and use their strengths.

We Are Innovators

Ask any of our employees if they think we will be working the same way we are today in five years and they will tell you absolutely not.

We constantly push the envelope of exploring and adopting new technologies, new methods, and new challenges - all for the sake of improving what we offer for our clients. 

We Are Fun

Our employees have repeatedly voted us a "Best Company in Alabama" Award Winner. 

We want to be a place where our employees enjoy coming. We achieve that through placing priority on having positive team dynamics, life-work balance, continuing education, and leadership opportunities for our entire team. We even have a "Fun Committee" dedicated to planning year-round events.

We Have Integrity & Trust

We define our success as helping you reach YOUR success. 

Our goal is never to "just do the work" - we strive to go above and beyond to identify areas of need and risk to help protect you and your business.

Our efforts show as we’ve been named one of Clearly Rated’s "Best of Accounting", earning 4.6 out of 5 stars from our clients.

We Believe in Respect & Teamwork

Every person on our team contributes to the success of our firm.

Applying LSS and P40 tactics, we have found ways to share the load across departments.  This is a great benefit to clients because our team approach means you can call more than just one person to get answers you need about your business.  It also means that the person doing your work is not overly stressed and just trying to get finished with your task to jump to the next. 

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