Qualities To Help You Prepare For The Future

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We all occasionally think through the qualities in ourselves that make us successful or hold us back. For instance, I work with business people all day, but I am the quiet type that builds relationships slowly and one-on-one instead of feeling an instant connection. I don’t always think well on my feet, but I research well. At the times when I become introspective on my skills, I can’t help but to also wonder which skills my children will inherit.

My little girl turns 5 next month. She is beautiful, spunky, inquisitive, and just like her mama, extremely orderly. I can’t help but look at her and question what she will become. What can I teach her today to make her a wildly successful community leader, business leader, future PTO president, or missionary to India? It seems to me that some of the most important things to focus on are the things Avizo Group has allowed us to focus on for business growth.

Preparing For the Future

Technology is changing our world rapidly. When it comes to business, Avizo Group is already looking to the future. We’re making the time and investment to research and start using things like blockchain and AI now so that when the tech-infused future arrives, our company, and more importantly, our clients, are prepared. When it comes to my children, they will be growing up with this technology all around them. I can’t know what the next big technological advancement is, but I do know that I can try to prepare my children to be able to accept and adapt to changes.

As technology evolves, I see some of the most important qualities being skills like communication, relationship building, collaboration, adaptability, and critical thinking to solve new challenges. These skills are important because they are human skills – which is something technology won’t be able to replace. While my children will learn how to use computers and integrate technology into their lives in school, I believe teaching them the soft skills is going to be what sets them apart in their future careers.

Adding Skills to Your Organization

As our company focuses more on a consultative role with our clients, we are thinking through training for soft skills as much as the technical accounting skills. It’s also a service we’d like to help other organizations integrate. We would love to brainstorm with you on the skills of your future leaders and employees to help you develop a plan to win in a not so distant future, tech-infused business world. Contact us to make learning part of your strategy for growth!!


LeeAnn May, CPA - Principal & Strategic Consultant

LeeAnn is a Principal and the Director of our Mobile office.  She has deep technical expertise in audit and exemplifies the success behind hb&k’s commitment to taking the time to understand a clients’ needs in order to best serve them.

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