LeeAnn May

LeeAnn May, CPA

Principal & Strategic Consultant

LeeAnn became a Principal of the firm in October of 2018 after being with the firm for 11 years. She is the Director of our office in Mobile, AL and is heavily involved in leading our Assurance Team. Her technical expertise lies primarily in the area of audit, including financial statement audits, 401(k) audits, forensic accounting, and internal controls analysis.

Internally, she is the leader of our internal Training & Learning Committee. LeeAnn’s true passion is in mentoring and coaching. She believes having deep, meaningful relationships are the best way to grow trust and build younger staff.

She and her husband, Willie, have a daughter, Anna-Ryan, and a son, Harrison. They enjoy attending the People of Mars Hill Church. Their free time is spent with family enjoying the blessing of living in such a beautiful community.

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