Getting Back to Work

Getting Re-hired after COVID-19

As employers continue to receive their PPP funding, reemployment will be happening. If you switched to unemployment benefits, here are some good things to know as we transition back to work.

According to the Alabama Department of Revenue, if you employer calls you back, you must accept work. To remain eligible for unemployment benefits, federal law requires that those who have been placed on a temporary layoff related to the COVID-19 pandemic must return to work if called back. Not returning to work when there is available work could be considered a “refusal of work” and could potentially disqualify claimants from receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

Things To Know Before You Say No

Unemployment is Short-Term: The additional $600 per week from Federal unemployment is not designed to be a long-term solution. PPP is meant to make sure you keep your job even after the additional funding is gone.

You’ll Have to Pay it Back: Unemployment is designated for those who find themselves without a job at no fault of their own. Refusing re-employment means any unemployment funds you collect after the day of refusal will have to be re-paid by you.

Employers Must Maintain Employment Levels: With a PPP loan, in order to get forgiveness, your employer is required to maintain the same amount of employees as before. Essentially, this means an open position needs to be filled – and if you refuse – someone else becomes eligible to take the job.

Coming Back Safely: Employers will be required to adhere to social distancing and safety measures. You can still use Emergency Paid Sick Leave and the Emergency Family Medical Leave provisions if you or someone in your home is sick.

Employers Must Report Your Response: Employers must report the refusal of a job to the ADOL if the employee is collecting unemployment benefits.

Employer Actions

Employers must report each person, whether they agree to the job, or not. Even if you are re-hiring someone who was only released due to the pandemic, new hire paperwork is required. You email us for assistance at [email protected] or you can visit the Alabama Department of Labor for more information.

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