Dentists: Are Your Key Metrics in Line?

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As a dentist, you know exactly what you’re looking at and how to fix it when you see a problem in someone’s mouth.  But as a business owner, there may be some areas of your practice that could use some TLC. That’s where our expertise can come in. Having worked directly with dentists for decades, our team has an intricate understanding of your business and your aspiration for growth.  What you REALLY want is the ability to focus on what you’ve trained to do as a doctor. We’re prepared to guide you through the business aspects so you can concentrate on the professional aspects of what you love most while gaining more profit. We’re prepared to guide you through the business aspects so you can do what you love most while gaining profit.

Key General Practitioner Dental Practice Metrics

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Lab Expenses

These are the ideal metrics within the dental industry. If you don’t know your percentages or yours are off, we can help yo uncover the reasons why and develop solutions to get your numbers back in line.

Performance Indicators

dental profitability


Your sources of revenue can greatly affect your overhead.
dental expenses

Expense Percentages

Consider this - do you know the percent of each of these compared to your revenue: Payroll, office supplies, lab expenses, facility costs, continuing education; insurance, licenses.

Hygiene Reappointment Percentage

How do you keep patients coming back? Dentists suffer from the highest churn rates in the medical profession.

Cancellation or No-Show Rate

If an appointment doesn't show up - how is that time filled?
New Patient Conversion Rate

New Patient Conversion Rate

Did you see the "reappointment percentage"?
Dental invoice

Invoice Pay Rate

Is someone on your team responsible for tracking invoices over 30-90 days old? Small amounts add up fast.

Internal Communication

Is your team aware of what it takes to get a salary increase/bonus? How about the cost of getting new equipment? Sharing details can go a long way in maintaining a healthy practice.


You internal software is jam packed with data waiting to be mined and explained. This is where our team really shines.

Work With Us

We have four office locations to best serve you and your business. Feel free to stop by, call, or send an email to learn more about our services.

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