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Playing Above the Line is Avizo Group’s podcast on leadership.  As a business consulting firm, we’re interested in sharing the leadership strategies and skills from those who impact our communities and businesses for the better.  Tune in every week to hear insights from business owners, entrepreneurs, community activists, and others who are in a position to lead. 

Episode 71

We continue our Coronavirus Relief content with hosts Allen Cave & Dennis Sherrin having a conversation with our Director of Advisory Services, Erann Thompson about payroll tax relief measures.

Listen to learn about the furlough/unemployment process, the Payroll Tax Credit, and Social Security Tax deferral. 

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Episode 70

As CPA business consultants, Avizo Group, Inc. feels a sense of responsibility to share our knowledge and understanding of measures to help business owners during our current pandemic.

In this episode, Allen Cave and co-host Dennis Sherrin, take a break from leadership to discuss new legislation called the Payment Protection Program designed to help business owners during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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